The Fear Factor

F-E-A-R has two meanings: "Forget Everything and Run" OR "Face Everything and Rise (Zig Ziglar)



September 7, 2020

Fear is an emotion, and it rears its ugly head when we get anxious or afraid about something - - or someone.   It can make its appearance during times of anxiety and during periods of real or imagined harm in the way in which we perceive it.  Sometimes it can prevent us from moving forward by freezing us into inactivity.   It can also push us away from friends, family, loved ones, and even God.


Fear is a cunning enemy.  It is a sneaky word that cloaks itself as a fancier word like agitation, distress, anxiety, worry, panic, or discouragement.  It uses our flaws against us.  As fear, anxiety, and discouragement build, it creates a barrier that prevents us from being filled with what God can give us – hope, love, and peace of mind.

What if we could turn our feelings of “fear” into something else?  Can we take our fear and use it to push us forward to experience the gifts that God is ready to give us?  


Fear can be good thing.  It can make us stop.  It gets our attention. It stimulates our thinking to start asking questions.  Most importantly, when fear strikes, it is the perfect time to pray and talk to God about what is going on.  

What questions might we ask ourselves and God?  

1) Why is this happening?  

2) Is this a good thing?

3) Is this a bad thing?  

4) What is God trying to show me?  

The enemy wants to distort anything that God permits for our good.  After all, all things work together for good for those who love God.  It is why we need to seek Him in our fear.  Often God does not allow us to be uncomfortable unless He is trying to tell us or warn us about something.  So, when fear starts to make its appearance, we do not have to dread it.  God is there with us.  He never leaves us alone; it is His promise to us.

Start looking at fear as our internal warning signal.  When we start to feel this emotion, we know something important is going on.  We immediately need to stop what we are doing.  It is time to talk to God and turn things over to Him.  Trust Him even when things do not make sense.  Always know that He is fighting for us.  God does not want to hurt you or me.  It is the enemy who likes to cause pain and trouble and wants us to blame God.  Remember – the enemy is the true bully.


We know fear is a natural part of this earthly life.  Thankfully, we will not have to deal with this in heaven.  In the meantime, until Jesus comes to liberate us from planet Earth, what other actions can we do to help keep fear from overtaking us?  

1) Go to God in prayer daily

2) Read and meditate on scripture

3) Memorize His promises from scripture

As we meditate on His Word, it will start to change the way we think about everything.  It will begin to change our perspective on the problems we are facing.   Remember that God is with us and He fights our battles.  Fear can be a brutal battle.  We can be assured He will fight it for us, with us, and through it.  


The most often repeated command (and it is not a suggestion!) in the Bible is, 'Do not fear.' It is mentioned at least 365 times for a reason.  We need to be reminded of it every day.  After all, we live on a battlefield until Jesus comes.  

God knew we would be afraid because of the enemy’s tactics, and he tells us what to do about it. Fear can be a guide to keep us safe, but it is also a sinister emotional tool the enemy will use to trick and torment us.  So, that is why God gave us a warning about it.  He provides us the assurance of His care by giving us instructions for a solution on how to successfully deal with this emotion head-on with Him.

We never have to tremble when fear comes because we have a God on our side.  He loves us and is in control of EVERYTHING.  He has our best interest at heart and is incapable of hurting us.  

Starting today, we have two choices when entering the battlefield of the fear factor.  Do we run away from fear or do we face it with God?  The choice is yours; the choice is mine.  Which will you choose?

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