God's Love Notes To Us.



March 4, 2021

A promise is a commitment by someone to do or say something. It is also known as a pledge, vow, or covenant.  The word has a warm and positive feeling when you hear it.

In scripture there are over 3,000 promises God has given to us.  All his promises are His commitment to us and we are to embrace those promises as our very own.  They were meant for us to remember and use in our daily lives.

In God’s promises, each one embraces us.  His promises are like love notes to us.  They include:  

Loving Me
Protecting Me
Providing For Me
Giving Me Peace
Giving Me Strength
Always Answering Me

God has a love relationship with each one of us.  As we read His promises that he gave to us, we can embrace and memorize them.  Put your name into the promise as you say it.  It will help you to remember that His promises are for you and they will then become more real to you.

His promises are our lifeline to Him while we live on planet earth and await his soon return.  Feel His love.  Feel His Warmth.

To learn more about God’s promises, visit our “God’s Promises” page on our website.

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