"My Grace Is Sufficient."



May 13, 2021

In 2 Corinthians 12, Paul talks about a thorn that was given to him.  He prayed three times with the Lord to take it away from him.  But the Lord said to him, “My grace is sufficient for you.”  It was not removed.

How often do we pray to have God remove our thorn, be it physical or mental?  Everyone has a thorn and they are different for everyone.  We were fearfully and wonderfully made.  He knows our troubles, trials, afflictions, and “thorns.”  But could it be that the thorn we must so often carry is the very thing that will keep our focus on Him?  While we may look at the brokenness and ugliness of that thorn in which we must carry, could it be that God knows something bigger and better with it?  Could it preserve our spirit, whereby if we didn’t have that thorn, we would not be leaning into Him?

It is impossible for God to harm or hurt us, and it is not in His nature to torment us.  But while we often must carry a thorn, our weakness opens the way for us to experience God’s strength in us.  God loves us in it and through it.  Lean into His strength.  He will not leave you.  That’s a promise!

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