In Search of the Cross


Jun 8, 2019

Sermon Series

Every one of us knows firsthand the force of the undertow of temptation that pulls the strongest man or woman into the tide of sin. We try to stand, but around us swirls this overmastering force. The source of this undertow of temptation is what the Bible calls the "world." Try your hardest to be "good", and there is the "world" 24/7 trying its best to sweep you off your feet with its tide of temptation.

What to do?  Is there any way to neutralise this undertow, any way always to conquer temptation? The New Testament says there is. The message this Sabbath explores how God proposes to teach us to learn how "the (undertow of the) world is dead" to us and (we) are "dead to the world."

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