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With it's beginnings dated in the late 1920's, Pathfinder clubs are now an integral part of Seventh-day Adventist churches world wide. Designed to educate and equip youth with skills and knowledge of the world around them. Camping, hiking and interacting with nature are some of the things children can expect from their Pathfinder club. Many activities also emphasize Biblical principles and encourage Bible study and understanding.

Adventurer Awards

We enjoy participating in many social group activities, such as Camping, Skiing, Rock-climbing, to name a few, as well as Community Service, and Bible Study. As children develop skills, they can track their learning with honors. With over 200+ honors available, below is a sample of a few.



Road Safety

Photo Fun





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The Pathfinder Pledge

By the Grace of God
I will be pure, kind and true.
I will keep the Pathfinder Law.
I will be a servant to God
and a friend to man.

The Pathfinder Law

Keep the morning watch.
Do my honest part.
Care for my body.
Keep a level eye.
Be courteous and obedient.
Walk softly in the sanctuary.
Keep a song in my heart.
Go on God's errands.

The Adventurer Pledge

Because Jesus loves me,
I will always do my best.

The Adventurer Law

Jesus can help me to:

Be obedient
Be pure
Be true
Be kind
Be respectful
Be attentive
Be helpful
Be cheerful
Be thoughtful
Be reverent

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